ID Verification - What does this mean ?
Posted by Michael A on 31 December 2011 01:14 AM

Some times the CDkeyHouse staff will ask you to make an ID (Identification) verification.  

Why?  What does this mean? 
We will ask you to take a picture or scanned image of your passport, driver license, or any valid identification to check your name and verify that is the same name used to make the payment.

How does this picture need to look like?  Example HERE

What can you remove from the Identification.

Birth Date: YES
Identification Number:  YES
Expiration date:  YES
Picture: YES
Name:  NO

As you can seem we need that you write on a piece of paper and your order ID,  you will put this paper near your form of Identification and take the picture or scan it, also, as you can see in the example we ask that you cover your picture, ID number and any private information as we only need to see your name.

Where i have to sent this information ?
A copy of the ID card should uploaded in a ticket here: (with order number provided). A copy should be clear and readable. You are to use the highest resolution available on your camera or scanner. (Maximum 3 MB)

Why does the CDkeyHouse staff ask for this information ?
In order to prevent fraudulent purchases.

What kind of frauds can occur?
Some times hackers have stolen credit cards or paypal accounts and since this is virtual money, the only way to use this money is purchasing it on an online store. So when we approve an order from a hacker and when the real owner detects a fraud payment from his credit card or paypal account he will call the bank and ask for a charge back This mean that we will lose our CD key,  our money required to pay Paypal $15.00 due to the chargeback.  This mean we are losing our CD Key  + money + 15$.  So the only way to make 100% sure that the purchase is authorized by the owner is by checking the name on the identification.

Will i need to do this all time when I make a purchase ?
No this is 1 time only verification and after an ID verification you will be a cdkeyhouse verified user which means that any order placed will be automatically approved.  

Is SAFE to send a picture or scan of my ID  ?
YES, remember we ask you to cover your private ID number, picture and any other private info since we only need to see your name on the identification so you don't have nothing to worry about.

If i don't want to send this information can i cancel my order ?
Yes just contact our support and we will refund the order, please take note that a fee will apply for cancelled orders.

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mohammad abdulla ibrahim
26 January 2014 11:20 PM
thanx for all support
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