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Buy Battlefield 5 CD Key Origin BETA - Arrived to CDkeyHouse
Posted by Michael A on 19 June 2018 02:54 PM

We just received our stock for Battlefield 5 Beta CD key for Origin, You can activate your key now to get Battlefield 1 Weapon Pack.

Get into "BATTLEFIELD 5 EARLY BETA ACCESS" late in August or early September. The advantage of the key is that you're will be into a game weeks or two before they release OPEN BETA TO ALL.
You will also get unlocked bonuses of wepons with - Special Solders Sets of Outfits. Be one of the first on the frontlines and witness the new #BFV #WW2 - as you've never seen it before.

This product is a brand new and BATTLEFIELD V CD Key BETA ACCESS CD KEY FOR ORIGINAfter your payment, you will receive an unused key, which can be entered into the publisher Website in order to get a full Origin of the game.

Buy Battlefield 5 CD key Origin

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